If you choose to use Anti-Theft Security, you automatically agree to this policy :

– Anti-Theft Security asks users to log in with their Gmail account and grant Anti-Theft Security access to “sending emails”. Anti-Theft Security does this to avoid sending sensitive data (photos, location, battery level etc.) over less reliable 3rd party servers.

– Anti-Theft Security only uses this access to send Alert Emails, i.e. emails with a photo taken using the front facing camera and device’s location.

– Alert Emails are only triggered when Anti-Theft Security has been activated by the user.

– Alert Emails are sent to the user’s own email address (the same that sent the Alert Email).

– We do not store nor have access user’s email addresses.

– We do not store nor have access to user data taken by Anti-Theft Security on user’s devices.

– We do not store nor have access to locations fetched by Anti-Theft Security on user’s devices.

– No data is used for any other purpose than enabling Anti-Theft Security to function and make it better. No personal data is transmitted to any third party for advertising or any other purpose whatsoever.

– Some of Anti-Theft Security features require the use of SMS text messages. Standard data and messaging charges, fees, and taxes from your wireless operator apply.

– Anti-Theft Security uses the Device Administrator permission to look out for failed unlock attempts, let the user erase data and lock the screen.

– Anti-Theft Security will use https://www.googleapis.com/auth/gmail.send to only send emails to yourself. This scope provides write-only access and is sufficient for Anti-Theft Security to function.